On windscreens

Aluminum foil wrapped around the pot and secured with a paperclip.

A paperclip does the trick. By mounting the windscreen directly onto the pot it actually serves the dual purpose as a windscreen and as a poor man’s heat exchanger of sorts, increasing heat transfer to the walls of the pot. We really ought to do some quasi-scientific benchmarking of the increase in performance, but based on our initial experience, this seems to be a fairly efficient way of speeding up boil times.

Update: You need to be careful with this setup if you have any plastic components on your burner, so that they do not melt! Recently, we were a bit too slack and didn’t monitor how hot the stove got, with the result that the plastic trigger on the piezo igniter melted. This overheating problem becomes more serious the lower the windscreen reaches. It goes without saying that the windscreen shouldn’t reach any lower than shown in the photo above. Since you need to be able to adjust the flame, it is kind of natural that the windscreen doesn’t go any further down that slightly above the control valve. Be careful!


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